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Ian  and Jordan

I love America because America has good food and no slaves. It is a free country and it has parts. I love America because all African Americans are free.

Loren and Kaitlyn

I love America because there is no slavery and we are free.I also love America because of our army,navy,marines,air force,and coast guards.I love America because we get to go to school.And that we can worship any way we want and wear anything we want.

sarah and roman.

I love America because of Texas and it's sports. Also because a lot of geniuses come from the United States. I also love America because we have a wonderful military. :-)


I love America because it is a free country and nobody is a slave.(Milo)
I love America because we have our own religion, we also have a lot of different sports and their teams to cheer for and play.


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 Carter and Jake

I love America because you don't have to go to jail if you pray or go to church. :-)

I love America because you don't have to be a slave if your an African American. ;}

Hailey Raquel Devduni

I love America because it's a free country, there are sports to play, no slaves. You can read the Bible and not have to go to jail. You can worship God and have your own religion without going to jail.

Esai and NATE

I love America because we are free to believe whatever we want, and we can watch football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. we are also able to play video games.

maphie and bray bray

I love America cuz you can go hunting and you can preach and read the bible freely there are also no slaves and our country is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also,you can play video games all day!!!!

Dylan and Isaiah

I like America because: its free of slavery, in most place. Its full of champions and African American kids don't have to go to a different school. Its also good for people to not be over powered by the government.


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I love America because it is a free country and nobody is a slave.(Milo)

Liam and Jonathan

Why I love America: We are a free state and we all have rights. We can have fun together. There are many animals to protect and save. We are all equal. No matter if we have color skin or not, we all have a great education. And we can see and read The Rushmore Kid! For all the great things that happened in the past, like the south surrendering to the Union in the Civil War. We all can be free and be one country. For all the plants, animals and people for having a great country. We are one with all!

Kyla and Augie

i love America because we have NFL and NBA and were back to back world war champions and we have a beast military.I love America because we are a free country and because we have a National Women Soccer Team!!

harrison karli

I love America because it is a free country and they have no slaves. your aloud to have your own religion. we can dress like we want. you can read the bible and what you want to read.


You can praise and read the bible.You don`t have to pay to go to the beach. There are no more slaves in America. We don't have to pay to go to parks.

Lauren Alex

because we can be free and have a free country.
because I can do anything I want to do.
because there is no segregation. and we can have our own religion. We can have a lot of other freedoms.

Kai and Lillian

Why I love America, because we are a free nation. We are protected by are nation's army.

That the country has horses. That we can read books.

Keegan Allen and Hank Howard

Why I love America!

I love that sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, and football are open to Native Americans. I also love that America is a free country and again, open to Native Americans.Hank

I like that we get to go wherever we want to go. I also like the sports we get to play.Keegan

Brooklyn and Max

Why I love America: We denfended the world from Hitler. we denfended are freedom. We don't have slavery. We have the best president ever Ronald Reagan.

Ezra and Patrice

I love America because you can look at a moose, it's a free country, and we have great monuments.

Grant Solem-Solvang School-5th Grade

I love America because you can be what EVER YOU want to be. If you want to own 7 Mc Donalds you can.It is free for you to be what ever you want. I personlnaly love to make choices for myself. It is a free country!!!Not everybody lives in a free country. This is why I love America.


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